Safety and environmental policy

Royal Paper creates a safe work environment and produces environmentally friendly products that meet occupational health, environmental management systems and international standards focused on continuous development.

  • The security of each employee or visitor is ensured in the enterprise.
  • Minimizing the threat to the facility is done with the support of each employee.
  • We do our best to identify all types of health, safety and environmental risks that may arise during the manufacturing process and to minimize them
  • We promote the protection of natural resources by increasing the use of recycled paper in production.
  • We protect the environment through the use of eco-friendly raw materials, safe materials, energy efficient resources, as well as waste management.
  • We comply with any requirements of international regulations, follow the rules of the organizations of which we are a member and meet customer expectations.

Our goal is to be a model organization and brand in the corrugated cardboard manufacturing sector in terms of occupational hygiene, safety and environmental protection.